The bill on Supporting humanitarian education was agreed to discuss

  2020-12-21 16:58  59

At the plenary session of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia held simultaneously online and in the 5 halls on December 18, 2020, the first issue considered was whether to discuss a draft law on supporting humanitarian education.

The draft law was introduced by MP B.Bat-Erdene and in his introduction it was underlined that the issue of spiritual enlightenment of Mongolians has been largely neglected and thus, it is vital to bring this issue at a state policy and legalize it in all levels of curriculums. Otherwise, scholars continue to warn that preschool and primary school children need to be taught the basics of being human and that humanities and spiritual education should be included in the curriculum of all levels of education.

The draft law consists of 5 chapters and 99 articles that considered to the development of behavior, ethics and physical fitness of individuals from childhood. Law initiators deem that with the adoption of the law, children and young people will become more ethical, humane and compassionate, and will learn from the methods of employment from an early age, realize their responsibilities to society, work creatively and protect their country and the environment, and will be less involved in crime and violations.

Following the question and answer, it was supported with 79.4 percent of votes in favor of discussing the draft law, and was referred to the Standing Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Sports to prepare for the first reading.

The next issue discussed was the first discussion held on amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and other draft laws submitted with it. The introduction on the preparation of the draft for the first discussion at the plenary session was read by head of the working group, MP Ts.Sergelen.

The Standing Committee on Legal Affairs held its first reading on December 11 and during the meeting MPs voted on the working group's dissenting and drafting proposals, and submitted its comments and conclusions. Consequently, majority of MPs voted to make amendments on the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens and referred to the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs to prepare for the final reading.

Press and Public Relations Department of the State Great Hural

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