2020 HIGHLIGHTS: The Eighth State Great Hural

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1.The 8th Parliamentary Election of Mongolia

On December 20, 2019, the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia approved a bill on the Law on State Great Hural Election of Mongolia. According to the Law, the 2020 Parliamentary Election was held with plurality-at-large voting system, also known as multiple non-transferable vote. The 76 Parliament seats were distributed into each district and aimag as electoral constituencies across the country.

The 8th Parliamentary election with a total of 29 electoral constituencies was held nationwide on June 24 of 2020, with 606 affirmed candidates, including 485 candidates from 13 political parties and 4 coalitions, and 121 independent candidates.

The votes for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections had been counted and aggregated on June 25, 2020. Mongolian People’s Party gained the majority or 62 seats in the 76-seat parliament, while the opposing Democratic Party won 11 seats.

The three remaining seats were won by S.Ganbaatar from 'Our Coalition' (Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, Civil Will, Green Party, Mongolian Traditionally United Party), by T.Dorjkhand from 'Right Person Electorate Coalition' (National Labor Party, Mongolian Social Democratic Party, Justice Party) and by an independent candidate N.Altankhuyag, former Prime Minister of Mongolia, respectively.

Out of 76 elected candidates for the 2020 Parliament, 13 are women.

2.Parliament member-elected candidates receive their Identification Cards

Newly elected members of the Parliament received their Identification Cards at the State Palace on June 29, 2020.

The General Election Commission (GEC) of Mongolia issued a resolution on the validation of the candidates who received most of the votes in their respective constituency as the member of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia.

The State Great Hural election held on 24th June and the polling took place from 7am to 10pm by local time. Overall 1,475,895 out of 2,003,969 voters cast their vote nationwide on Election Day with 73.65% of voter turnout.

Photos via http://parliament.mn/n/1zcy

On the same day, the General Election Commission presented the State Great Hural election result to the Speaker of the Parliament of Mongolia.

3.The newly elected members of the State Great Hural were inaugurated  

According to the President’s Resolution on setting the date, the Inauguration Session of the Eighth State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia was held on June 30, 2020, where 75 out of 76 member-elected candidates were present.

The first session was convened by President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga, who delivered an opening remarks.

After the General Election Commission introduction, the session was continued by swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected candidates.

At the afternoon plenary session MP G.Zandanshatar was re-elected as the Speaker of the State Great Hural by unanimous votes of newly elected parliamentarians.

4.Cabinet members were accredited

At the plenary session of the State Great Hural held on July 08, 2020, newly appointed 17 Cabinet members took an oath headed by Prime Minister of Mongolia.

By the order of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, MP U.Khurelsukh following Cabinet members were accredited:

2. Ya.Sodbaatar as the Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia

3. L.Oyun-Erdene as the Head of Cabinet Secretariat, Minister of Mongolia

4. MP D.Sarangerel as Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism

5. G.Saikhanbayar, Minister of Defense,

6. N.Enkhtaivan, Minister of Foreign Affairs,

7. MP Ch.Khurelbaatar, Minister of Finance,

8. MP Kh.Nyambaatar, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs,

9. A.Ariunzaya, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare,

10. B.Munkhbaatar, Minister of Construction and Urban Development,

11. L.Tsedevsuren, Minister of Education and Science,

12. L.Khaltar, Minister of Road and Transport Development,

13. S.Chuluun, Minister of Culture,

14. G.Yondon, Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry,

15. Z.Mendsaikhan, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry,

16. N.Tavinbekh, Minister of Energy,

17. T.Munkhsaikhan, Minister of Health;

5.Parliament to function with its 11 Standing Committees

At the plenary session of the State Great Hural held on July 09, 2020, it was resolved to function the parliamentary activities with its 11 Standing Committees.

1. Standing Committee on Security and Foreign Policy (19 members)

2. Standing Committee on Environment, Food and Agriculture (19 members)

3. Standing Committee on Education, Culture, Science and Sports (18 members)

4. Standing Committee on Ethics and Discipline (11 members)

5. Standing Committee on Innovation and e-Policy (19 members)

6. Standing Committee on Social Policy (17 members)

7. Standing Committee on State Structures (19 members)

8. Standing Committee on Budget (19 members)

9. Standing Committee on Industrialization Policy (14 members)

10. Standing Committee on Legal Affairs (18 members)

11. Standing Committee on Economics (19 members)

6.Parliament calls an extraordinary session

The first extraordinary session following the newly formed the 8th Parliament was conducted on August 17, 2020.

During the session it was agreed to discuss the Five-Year Guidelines for the Development of Mongolia; Government Action Plan for 2020-2024; Draft Law on Amendments to the 2020 Budget Law of Mongolia, Draft Law on Amendments to the 2020 Budget Law of the Social Insurance Fund, Draft Law on Amendments to the 2020 Budget Law of the Health Insurance Fund; Draft resolution of the State Great Hural on “Approval of the 2019 consolidated budget expenditures of Mongolia”, 2019 consolidated budget expenditures of Mongolia and consolidated financial report of the Government; 2021 Fiscal Framework Statement of the Consolidated Budget of Mongolia and draft law on budget projections for 2022-2023; Draft revised version of the Law of Mongolia on Administrative and Territorial Units and Their Management; The President's partial veto on the Law on the State Great Hural of Mongolia issued on May 26, 2020; Draft resolution of the State Great Hural on “Approval of the strategy to reduce interest rates”; and Draft Agenda for 2020 Autumn Plenary session of the State Great Hural of Mongolia.

7.State Great Hural attends the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament

On August 19, 2020, Speaker of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia G.Zandanshatar, MP N.Uchral and MP S.Amarsaikhan attended in the virtual meeting of the Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament hosted by the Inter-Parliament Union (IPU).

The Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament was organized to build on the outcomes from the previous sessions and further reinforce the parliamentary dimension of global governance. It was organized in close cooperation with the Parliament of Austria and the United Nations, under the overall theme of Parliamentary leadership for more effective multilateralism that delivers peace and sustainable development for the people and planet.

Subsequent World Conferences were held every five years in conjunction with the United Nations. On the following day, Speaker G.Zandanshatar delivered a speech at the panel discussion themed on “Forging inclusive and sustainable economies that deliver well-being and justice for all”.

8.Parliament of Mongolia celebrates its 30 anniversary of permanent functioning

Thirty years ago, on September 13, 1990, the State Baga Hural convened its first session, marking the beginning of a modern, permanent functioning parliamentary biography in Mongolia.

Commemorating the date, Speaker of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia G.Zandanshatar received and paid tribute to the former members of the State Baga Hural on September 14, 2020. Over 20 members of the State Baga Hural were present, who were elected as members of the State Baga Hural and contributed to the historic process of discussing and approving the new democratic Constitution of Mongolia.

The first free, democratic and multi-party election in Mongolia was held in 1990. Then the newly elected parliament established the State Baga Hural, which replaced the People's Great Hural as the highest legislative body.

Although the State Baga Hural was formed with a four-year term, with the instructions of the People's Great Hural, the draft of the new Constitution of Mongolia based on the principles of universal values was discussed for 76 days and adopted on January 13, 1992. And thus, the State Baga Hural handed over its power to the first State Great Hural on July 29, 1992.

9.On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of establishment of the Secretariat

On September 24, 2020, Secretary General of the State Great Hural Ms. L.Ulziisaikhan addressed its employees to congratulate on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of establishment of the Secretariat of Permanent Functioning Parliament.

Then Chairman of the State Baga Hural issued Decree No.4 on September 24, 1990 renaming the State Baga Hural administration as the Secretariat by approving its structure and staff number.

10.Parliamentarians attend the virtual meeting representing Mongolia

On September 28, 2020, the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health: Ad-hoc virtual meeting on ‘Investing in Universal Health Coverage for the Future’ took place, gathering MPs of countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

In connection with the potential risk for disruption in some healthcare services, and especially in the primary level in not only the region but also throughout the world, parliamentarians in Asia and the Pacific region convened to introduce the current operations being conducted by their national legislature in aims of continuously working towards achieving the objective of providing universal healthcare and exchanged information about their practices. MP D.Sarangerel and MP J.Chinburen participated as representatives of Mongolia in the meeting, in which MPs of over 20 countries had participated.

11.Parliament convenes its first regular session

The regular autumn session of the State Great Hural (Parliament) convened on October 1, 2020. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Mongolia, Cabinet members, Chairman of the Constitutional Court, heads of government agencies appointed by the State Great Hural, also heads of foreign diplomatic missions in Mongolia and representatives of international organizations.

12.G.Zandanshatar: Mongolia is willing to be an active participant in Eurasian regional economic cooperation

On October 7, 2020, Speaker of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia G.Zandanshatar virtually attended the 23rd Eurasian Economic Summit took place in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 40 delegates including heads of state and Governments of Asian and European countries, ministers, members of parliament, former presidents and prime ministers were participating in the two-day summit.

Speaker G.Zandanshatar addressed at the session themed “The new balance of power in globalization: The importance of diplomacy and economic security”. He emphasized that Mongolia is also willing to be an active participant in Eurasian regional economic cooperation. And the country set a goal to establish economic corridor of three countries in collaboration with Russia and China, build economy targeted to the third neighbors, join regional economic and trade integration, facilitate trade as well as to become a competitive Northeast Asian investment hub. All the steps target to ensure economic reliability of Mongolia.

13.MPs attend Extraordinary session of the IPU Governing Council

The second day virtual Extraordinary session of the IPU Governing Council was organized on November 2, 2020. At the meeting representing the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia were attended by MP B.Saranchimeg, member of the Board of the IPU Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, and MP D.Tsogtbaatar.

The 206th Session of the Governing Council discussed and took decisions on pressing issues relating to the functioning of the organization - including the adoption of the IPU budget and programme of work for 2021 and the election of the IPU President.

Following the third day session, Mr. Duarte Pacheco has been elected as the 30th President of the IPU after an unprecedented online election during an extraordinary virtual session of the IPU’s Governing Council, its main decision-making body made up of parliamentarians from around the world.

Founded in 1889 the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the world's largest parliamentary body that unites the parliaments of 179 countries. Mongolia joined the IPU in 1962 and since then has been actively participating in its activities.

14.The 800 years of Kharkhorum - History and Heritage

Under the auspices of Speaker of the State Great Hural (Parliament) ZANDANSHATAR Gombojav, an international scientific conference themed “The 800 years of Kharkhorum - History and Heritage” dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Kharkhorum, the capital of the Mongol Empire, was held at the National Library of Mongolia on December 17, 2020.

The 800th anniversary of the founding of Kharkhorum (Karakorum) city is marked in 2020, and in this regard an online conference was organized by the Parliament of Mongolia, International Association for Mongol Studies, Institute of Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Institute of History and Ethnography, National Library and the Kharkhorum Society.

In his welcome message, Speaker G.Zandanshatar noted, “Kharkhorum is not only the ancient capital of Mongolia, but also a valuable historical and cultural heritage of the Mongolian people. According to historical sources, Ezen Bogd Chinggis Khaan (Great Khan and Emperor of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan) declared Kharkhorum as the capital of the Mongol Empire in 1220, the year of the iron dragon, and Ogedei Khan built Tumen Amgalant Palace in the spring of 1235, the year of the blue sheep. Kharkhorum, now Kharkhorin, was culminated in its prosperity as an important hub in political, cultural, religious, trade and communication, connecting Asia and Europe, as well as then world-famous complex of nomadic and sedentary civilizations. Therefore, it is our noble duty today to preserve this rare and precious historical heritage, to pass it on to future generations, and to develop it in accordance with modern standards. Thus, the issue of Kharkhorin development has always been at the center of Mongolian state policy.

The road construction connecting the East and West under the “Millennium Road” project, approved by the Parliament Resolution No.09 in 2001, is related and coincided with the proclamation of Chinggis Khaan as the “Man of the Millennium”. Moreover, the "Sustainable Development Vision 2050", Mongolia’s long-term development policy approved by the Parliament on May 13, 2020, stipulates to support the development of national archaeology, preserve values, restore and strengthen the ruins such as the ancient city of Kharkhorum, and establish museums, foundations and research centers specializing in archaeology, paleontology and ethnography. In addition, it states to conduct a feasibility study and general development plan for the new capital city in the Orkhon Valley and to begin construction works in 2021-2030. So it’s time to implement a state policy to upbuild a new city in the Orkhon Valley by continuing the study, protection and restoration of the ruins and monuments of the ancient capital of Kharkhorum”. He also emphasized the importance of this scientific conference for the new future of the historic city.

15.www.lawmaker.parliament.mn and www.lawforum.parliament.mn platforms launched

In the scope of parliamentary reform, MPs Kh.Bulgantuya, B.Jargalmaa, J.Munkhbat and J.Sukhbaatar called a press conference on December 22, 2020 to introduce electronic platforms for drafting and discussing bills with the public participation.

The lawmaker.parliament.mn platform is designed for lawmakers and the lawforum.parliament.mn system provides an opportunity for citizens to draft bills, participate in discussions, and express their views on proposed legal provisions.

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