Mongolia’s State Policy on Health was introduced during the Roundtable Discussions

  2019-05-28 09:12  771

On May 28, 2019, during the Roundtable Discussions held on Health and related issues, the Ministry of Health of Mongolia answered on question related on maternal, child and adolescent health, as well as HIV/AIDS and other diseases in Mongolia. 

The question stated as what mechanisms can be put in place to monitor the implementation and impact of legislation and policies addressing maternal, child and adolescent health, as well as HIV/AIDS and other diseases?


The Government of Mongolia has adopted and successfully implemented 16 national programs, such as "Mother, child, reproductive health", "Communicable Disease Combat and Prevention", "Non-Communicable Disease Combat and Prevention", "Environmental Health" and “Whole Liver-Mongolia”. 

Also, the "State Policy on Health" has been implemented. To adopt these policy documents and national programs:

-       Implementation Action Plan

-       Progress or performance evaluation criteria, final outcome targets along with the indicators are adopted and implemented.

-       Mid-term and final evaluation of national programs are done.

-       Mid-term monitoring and evaluation is useful for developing information on how the policy documents are being implemented and making plans for improvement over the remainder of the program.


Procedures for conducting monitoring and evaluation of policy documents are done in accordance with the Law on Planning Development Policy of Mongolia and the "General Order for Monitoring and Evaluation of Implementation of Policy Documents and Administration of Activities of Government Organizations" approved by Government Resolution No. 89 of 2017 . 

For example, the Ministry of Health conducts monitoring and evaluation twice a year on the implementation of laws and regulations. Evaluation results are sent to the Cabinet Secretariat. 

In accordance with this resolution, the annual documentary monitoring, evaluation and evaluation of the State Policy, which is a policy document, will be conducted every two years and the external evaluation will be conducted every four years. Accordingly, monitoring and evaluation is done annually. 

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Aimag and Capital City Health Departments and Subsidiaries in accordance with "General Regulations for Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Organizations" approved by the Minister of Health in 2017. The mother and child, adolescents, reproductive health, HIV / STI and other disease policies and enforcement of laws and regulations. 

It is also important to intensify activities aimed to meet criteria of World Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the Sustainable Development Concepts of Mongolia-2030.

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