Roundtable Discussions held on Role of Parliamentarians, Health, Climate Change and related issues

  2019-05-28 09:12  574

On the second day of the event, May 28, 2019, the of the Second Regional Seminar for the Asia-Pacific Region Parliaments on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, attendees hosted the Roundtable Discussions in three groups.

Group I on the Role of Parliamentarians in ensuring SDGs implementation

Moderator: Ms. Beate Trankmann, United Nation's Resident Coordinator and UNDP's Resident Representative in Mongolia

- What could parliaments do to better engage with the citizens on SDG implementation? What communication strategies have proved effective?

- How could Parliaments provide the opportunity for diverse groups, most notably marginalized and vulnerable populations, to take part in national dialogue and policy making on the SDGs enabling citizens to express views, voice concerns and demand accountability?

Group II on Health and related issues

Moderator: Mr. Riccardo Mesiano, Sustainable Development Officer, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

- How can parliaments and parliamentarians ensure that health issues are included in strategies and policies on development, climate change and education?

- What mechanisms can be put in place to monitor the implementation and impact of legislation and policies addressing maternal, child and adolescent health, as well as HIV/AIDS and other diseases?

Group III on Climate Change and related issues

Moderator: Ms. Undraa Agvaanluvsan, MP, Mongolia

- As regards advancing the implementation of the SDGs in the area of climate change, how can parliaments ensure their national resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related hazards and natural disasters is strengthened, and how can they ensure that climate change measures are integrated into national policies?

- What can parliaments do to improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning?

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